1. Best Friend
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Best Friend
Moving down that silent road
You're here, but I'm all alone
Carrying an awful heavy load
My soul it still hangs on
I might have left you long ago
When you built that wall of stone
Around your precious heart of gold
That I used to call my own
Oh, now nothing, oh nothing's known

There are no two ways about
The short time we are here
The only certainty is doubt
And nothing is as it appears
You keep making this much harder
Than it has to be
You take for granted what you know
You'll always have in me
Oh but nothing...is guaranteed

Don't you feel our pulse
It's fading fast
Don't you feel us
Slipping through your grasp
Don't you care to
Ask the reasons why
Don't you hear me cry
Oh, hear me cry

Reaching for the stars and moon
You shook our solid ground
Searching for eternal youth
That's never to be found
Every thing we've built has fallen
But we'll both start again
My heart made a solemn vow
To love you to the end
I'll always be your best friend