Juliana MacDowell is a singer-songwriter, living between Loudoun County, Virginia and Key West, Florida, whose earthy vocals and moving originals unite her with listeners in unforced and memorable ways. She fell in love with music as a toddler when her grandfather hoisted her up on the bench of his Steinway - the piano she plays to this day. 

Juliana's third album takes her to Nashville to record with legendary engineer/producer, Bil VornDick.  Whether at home or on the road, she loves playing with her band, The Agreeables.  "I gave the guys the task of coming up with a band name for them selves. Months went by and they just couldn't agree. I had to dub them "The Disagreeables."  But then I got to thinking about it...and any one playing with me has got to be pretty agreeable, so I just left it at that.

"More than just a woman singing into a microphone...she is an entertainer who connects with fans, reaches out to them and draws them in to the power of the music.  (KS, MUSE-ic Monthly).

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Juliana MacDowell has a great instrument with which to communicate and can belt it out or be soft and intimate - pitch perfect with a depth of resonance regardless of dynamic. There is a finish when she releases a note; it stays with you. ”

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Juliana reminds me a lot of the late Eva Cassidy in that, like Eva, she seems incapable of singing an ill-advised note or taking a song in the wrong direction. Unlike too many performers for whom it’s all about them, Juliana respects the song and her role of communicator. And she has a great instrument with which to communicate. ” - SJ