Jules & The Agreeables

A FEW YEARS AGO... I asked my band mates to come up with an official name for themselves.  They were hesitant at first, saying that people were coming to see "Juliana." I was like "uh uh" and held them to the task. They came up with all kinds of creative names, but none stuck. After several rehearsals, some grumbles from the guys, I told them they were all so damned disagreeable. Drummer, Chris Derry, said "that's it! We're the Disagreeables...or maybe, The Agreebles."  It seemed like such a silly name at the time, born purely out of mental exhaustion.  But the more I thought about it, I said why not? It's not the dumbest name that ever existed - a bit long on a marquis, but anyone playing with me has got to be pretty darned agreeable any way.  So, it stuck.  

AND THEN...the inevitable: "Who are the Agreeables?" Anyone who plays in my band is an "Agreeable."  Building a band can takes years of searching for just the right fit - in temperament, timing, availability, etc..  I started in music as a background vocalist for VA. based Joey and The Waitress Band.  Once I moved from backline to front of stage as a lead performer, I had to gather up my own players. And was I ever lucky. It seemed like each player came into my life at just the right time...and almost in a mystical way. Coincidence?  Guitarists, bassists, drummers, etc. took me under their wings and taught me the business. But it's always been the lead guitarist who's my righthand man..  In the early days, that was Nathaniel Davis, Walter Bain, Dave Saunders and