New Stuff...2019

Wow! It's been forever since I've written in this blog. But I have exciting news.  My first album with Grammy Award winning, legendary producer (and super cool guy!), Bil VornDick, is in motion and with the first six songs in the can, we've set the stage for a fantastic 2019.  All new music! All new players! All new sound!  Still little ol' me but bigger and better than ever!  My first ever visit to the famous Ocean Way studio in Nashville was a blast.  Some of you caught my popular "Bathrooms of Nashville" series.  It was short-lived but "moving" micro-series.  If you know what I mean.  

Wait 'til you hear the breathtaking music we're making in Music City - a dream come true!  Come to my show at Barns of Rose Hill, 2/9/19 to get a little taste of what we're up to.  What a show it will be! with killer pedal steelist, Dave Hadley, in the line-up; the fabulous Fiddlin' Dave Van Deventer, a special guest appearance by Chris Timbers and of course, my band of Agreeable Gent's: Doc Williams (aka Curtis); Steve Super on bass' Chris Blosser on sax and Nate Davis on drums. I'm also hosting one of my famous JuJu Jam's at MacDowell Brew Kitchen next week, 1/26/19 8 p.m.

The boys and I will bring March in like a lion with a rockin' good show at Gypsy Sally's in Georgetown, D.C (3/1/19).  We sure could use your support there.   Summer will be stellar.  Super excited to announce a return to Rooster Walk (Memorial Day Weekend); Ida's Gift, June 15th; POTL in Roaring Gap, NC as well as The Gap Stage in Hillsboro, VA, July 19th.  Lots of fun gigs in between and possibly a tour.  

I am down in Key West for a few days, getting sand in my shoes and working on a tune or two with my good friend, illustrious producer, Ian Shaw ("Leaving Home") and celebrated guitarist,, Matt Backer, who promises to make some noise on my new singles with Ian. 

Stay tuned to my website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more news about upcoming shows.  And maybe I'll add a few more episodes to my "heady" bathroom series. 

Happy 2019 and see ya soon!



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