Yeah...What He/She said...

Take Me Away: "Having heard Juliana perform several times, I looked forward to hearing this CD. It confirms my initial impression that she is a fantastic singer and skillful songwriter. She reminds me a lot of the late Eva Cassidy in that, like Eva, she seems incapable of singing an ill advised note or taking a song in the wrong direction. Unlike too many performers for whom it’s all about them, Juliana respects the song and her role of communicator. And she has a great instrument with which to communicate. She can belt it out or be soft and intimate, pitch perfect with a depth of resonance regardless of dynamic. There is a finish when she releases a note; it stays with you. There are 5 originals and 3 covers on this recording. Her songwriting hints at a variety of influences without being knockoffs. The originals are about relationships from “Take Me Away” which is about 'get me out of here' to "I’m Free” which is about 'get you out of here' although there might be a U-turn in the singer’s future. “We All Have a Story” is probably my favorite.  She is surrounded by a great cast of musicians with ample opportunity to blow and to be creative in their support.  Juliana is an artist worthy of greater recognition. This CD should be in your collection!"  (CD Baby Reviewer, sj)

Dear Juliana..."I know when I wrote you awhile back I told you that you were one of my favorite female voices...Linda Ronstadt...Tracy Chapman...Annie Lenox...Amy Lee Hartzler (Evanescence)...Then there's  JULIANA MACDOWELL... that breeze that comes out of no where and refreshes...No matter where you are or what you are doing we all have felt that breeze and it makes you smile and feel good. It just lets you think for that second that all is good in the world if you can feel the voice of that singer inside you...That's the true quality I listen for in music. Yeah I do put you up on a high pedestal of singers...the thing you have in common with all my favorite singers is that you do not sound like anybody else; you're the real deal. Keep doing what you're doing and follow your heart in music.  It all comes from inside you. Hope to see you in the Keys,  Take care! Two Friends Jeff"

Marco Delmar; Producer, Recording Arts: "Juliana is always awesome to work with, a true talent, and a producer's dream."

New Stuff...2019 

Wow! It's been forever since I've written in this blog. But I have exciting news.  My first album with Grammy Award winning, legendary producer (and super cool guy!), Bil VornDick, is in motion and with the first six songs in the can, we've set the stage for a fantastic 2019.  All new music! All new players! All new sound!  Still little ol' me but bigger and better than ever!  My first ever visit to the famous Ocean Way studio in Nashville was a blast.  Some of you caught my popular "Bathrooms of Nashville"…

Read more

Waterford show with Ted Garber Rocked 

Any event with the name "Ted Garber" in the title tells you it's going to be a BLAST.  Last year, Freebo.  This year, Ted Garber.  Next year?  I promised you a wild ride with Ted and pinch me if that wasn't the case last Saturday night at the Waterford Old School.  What a supreme honor it was to be supported by such stellar players as Mike Ault; Nathaniel Davis; Ted Garber; Chris Blosser; Gina Sobel; Andrew Hart, Joey Bauer and David Saunders!   HUGE thanks to all of the volunteers for the Waterford…Read more

Back in the (recording) saddle again... 

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer; as bright periwinkle Hydrangea push forth their last plump-but-delicate blooms of the season; as leaves begin their descent to the ground for the impending long winter; as all around us turns bright yellow, orange and red, we make pots of chili and salty stews, we light fires and, by candlelight, reflect on the beauty on the summer past and the love of friends and family.  2015 has been a musically fruitful year for me thus far: playing the Waterford Old…Read more

Off to Lockn'! Yippee! 

My sister, Lenie, told me about Lockn'.  She raved about her experience there these past few year.  This year, I'll find out about it for myself.  Who's playing Lockn' 2015?  Carlos Santana; Leon Russell; Jefferson Airplane; Doobie Brothers; String Cheese Incident with drummer (and person) extraordinaire, Jason Hann; Tedeschi Trucks Band; Little Feat; Hot Tuna; Jimmy Cliff; Robert Plant; Dave Mason; Rita Coolidge; Phil Lesh; Widespread Panick....should I go on?  Need I say more?  It's a four-day event…Read more

Life After Nashville... 

Two weeks after my return from Nashville and remembering  what fun we had playing PORCHFEST, Franklin, TN. at the invitation of Nashville native, Richard Gill.  Paired up with guitarist, Chris Benick, and drummer, Greg Hicks, we had a grand ol' time, despite blistering heat.  Never having been to Nashville, before, it was also a treat to visit the Ryman Auditorium and iconic venues like Tootsie's Bar.  A surprise invitation to sing with the band at Tootsie's made my day.  Loudoun musician, Dave Minnenberg…Read more

Lots of fun with FREEBO & Friends! 

Coming off of a two-week extravaganza of performances by and with legendary bass player/singer-songwriter, Freebo, my time with this exceptional musician ended on a high note.  Freebo arrived in Loudoun County nearly two weeks ago to play a concert at the lovely Waterford Old School - a 200 seat auditorium that we filled close to capacity.  It was a great honor to open Freebo's show with my original music, accompanied by Dave Saunders, Walter Bain, Nathaniel Davis & Stacey G.  Freebo joined me on two songs…Read more